FxSound Pro v1.1.12 + Fix 

Tired of shaky audio that you can hardly understand? The new FxSound enhances your PC's sound quality, volume, clarity, and bass. With just a download, you can have great sound from FxSound. You'll know if FxSound is right for you after you give it a try. Most individuals are unaware of what they are lacking in their audio until they experiment with better audio software/hardware. It's difficult to express without first experiencing it for yourself.


- Excellent sound on any hardware - Computer speakers and inexpensive headphones are abysmal... - A decent setup is also expensive and complicated.
- With just a download, you can have great sound from FxSound.

Get the sound you've earned.
Hear the 20-year-in-the-making expert-designed processing engine.

Don't go overboard with your spending.
You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to achieve audiophile sound.

Excellent sound for anything you listen to:

Music FxSound is a program that fixes the restrictions of your audio devices and files.

Computer and video games
Become engrossed in your own universe. Never again will you miss a footstep, ding, or voice line.

Movies and television
Never again will you have to struggle to hear the dialogue or have your ears blown out by the sound effects or score. FxSound smoothes and enhances the sound of your favorite shows and movies.

FxSound improves your clarity to help you keep your sanity. Pay extra if you rewind less.


Download: Here