McAfee Endpoint Security v10.7.0.1260.12 Pre-Cracked

It's the foundation of our new endpoint protection suites that integration, automation, and orchestration are at the heart of the threat defense process. Machine learning is used to detect zero-day threats in near real time, so our suites make it easier to quickly find and fix advanced attacks so productivity isn't harmed.

Because endpoint threats are often mobile and remote, they have become more and more common and sophisticated over time. Even more difficult, security teams have been putting together endpoint security products for years and now manage an average of ten agents and five consoles that don't work together very well.

McAfee has rethought our endpoint security offerings so that they can be combined into a single platform for endpoint defense that makes it easier to investigate and fix problems across the whole company. Through a single agent architecture with a lot of integration and automation, we break down barriers between once-separated abilities so that they work better together and are better protected.

It's possible to get all of the features of McAfee endpoint security products in one place. They include firewall, reputation, and heuristics, as well as cutting-edge machine learning and containment, in a single platform agent with a single management console. It keeps people working and connected while stopping zero-day malware, like ransomware, before it can get to the first endpoint.


Endpoint Security from McAfee
Security effectiveness was 98.98% in tests done by NSS Labs. There were no false positives with McAfee Endpoint Security.

Endpoint Security from McAfee
This means that you can get more advanced protection for faster response times with McAfee Endpoint Security 10.

Endpoint protection products are used to keep things safe.
Today's more sophisticated attacks need more than traditional antivirus protections. The good news is that thanks to our endpoint protection suites, it doesn't have to be a lot of work to stay safe. Our enterprise endpoint security products can be managed from a single place and protect against all types of threats, from zero-day exploits to sophisticated targeted attacks.

Using a variety of integrated endpoint protection software and technologies, McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection provides essential protection. These technologies work together in real-time to analyze and fight threats. It's a replacement for McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite.

McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection has advanced defenses that can stop, contain, and respond to threats that haven't been seen before. This is a replacement for McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection for Enterprise.

Security and response from McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response
Fast detection, investigation, and elimination of advanced endpoint threats at patient zero thanks to behavior-based protection, continuous visibility, and powerful insights from the cloud. When you buy this endpoint protection software, you get McAfee Active Response, which is no longer sold as a separate product.


1. Install the program from the given "setup.exe"
2. Wait for it to get installed fully.
3. Boom! Now you can use the program without any interruptions.(It's Pre-Cracked) 
4. That's it, Enjoy now ;)


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